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It goes without saying that if you are a business owner, the logo should be right on top of your priority list when it comes to promoting your company. A good logo will help you draw attention, identify your brand and generate a positive emotional response. A unique logo will strengthen your company’s image and create a psychological advantage over competition.

A brand expressed through a powerful logo can do more than simply help you stand out from competitors. It can help you break away entirely. Increasingly, we see companies transforming its lead into a full speed of brand driven “mind share momentum” that leaves runner-up in the dust. Retailers like Nike or Apple have been enjoying such superior brand recognition that they logos practically changed the way we see their products today. It seems like it is not as much about quality any more as it is about product’s personality that motivates people’s buying habits.

When it comes to your needs, no matter if you are planning on building a strong and competitive brand or just trying to establish a corporate presence that will build trust and recognition, the importance of your future logo is undeniable.

What We Do

Webhive Design brand development, our focus is on providing clients with corporate identity services worldwide. After working for many years in advertising and branding I and my team decided to branch away from the agency world and offer our services online. Our aim is to help small and medium size businesses by offering corporate identity services. Our commitment to you is to create a break-through concept that will change the way people think about your product or service.

We have created logos for both small and large companies whose budgets ranged from a few hundreds to several thousands of pounds.

What You Get

We work with you to understand your short and long term strategic objectives. The investment you make in developing your new identity should help you create value and achieve corporate goals.

There are plenty of designers capable of designing a decent logo and most of them will give you what you want. We will give you something you didn’t expect. And, of course, it will be what you needed all along.

A powerful logo, created by an experienced designer can do more than simply help you stand out from competitors. It can help you break away entirely.

Our Approach

When we design a logo, we make sure it is visually attractive, eye-catching and it delivers the right message. Our process is based on three laws:

Perception: First and foremost, a logo has to be immediately recognisable and identifiable.
Corporate objective: A company’s logo should reflect the very essence of the business it represents and visually reinforce it.
Applicability: Well designed logos can be applied properly in many different applications such as print, web, embroidery, packaging, etc. Logos should look good and be legible in various sizes.

Building impactful Brands Since 2010

At Webhive Design, we help companies discover & build beautiful eye catching brands that have a meaningful impact on their target audience via powerful brand strategy, brand name, brand identity, website design and brand marketing.

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