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Content Management System (CMS) Development

CMS stands for Content Management System (CMS) – and basically, that means that you can manage your own content, through an administration system (or “backend”) that is part of your website. This site is the perfect solution for most small businesses. Why? Because it gives them control over their content. Customers (and search engines) love new content and you don’t want to have to pay your web designer every time you want to change a few words!

Changes take place immediately, and can be checked for compliance to ensure that rules for text length and filtered words are followed.

This means that users can literally type in new text, upload new pictures, do customization, and then just let the CMS handle how this is placed back on to the website. It is not possible for users to distract the formatting and general look of the website, and means that the content is always as up-to-date as required without effect the website design.

The great advantage of a content management system (or CMS) is that you can quickly and easily make changes to your web site at any time. You don’t need to go to a web designer or buy and then learn how to use complex web design software. You can ADD a new page, DELETE a page, or EDIT a page. You can upload documents, pictures, add links to other websites, and edit the formatting of the page. And, you can do it from any computer connected to the internet, anywhere in the world! You can change one word, or the whole page. Just click “save” and the change is immediately live.

Content Management - Key Features:

No technical skills needed – There’s no need for you or your colleagues to learn any new software. You simply make the changes to your website online as and when you need to and then view the changes instantly.

Update your web site from anywhere – Update your website instantly from anywhere in the world on any PC! Make corrections and changes quickly and easily, add text quickly and easily, insert pictures, even add Word documents and PowerPoint presentations to your website as and when you wish. (Access to the application via password and user name).

Instant corrections – Making corrections, adding copy or files is fast and easy with our completely browser based, online HTML WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) Editing, if you or your users can use Microsoft Word, then you can use Online CMS!

No FTP – Powerful and easy to use file manager gives you more control over your website. Upload files directly from your hard drive, copy, rename and delete files. No need for FTP!

Access levels- Allow multiple users to work on your web site give them different access levels and permissions.

Link Management – Create links to internal pages and external websites quickly and easily, user interface allows simple point and click to create hyperlinks.

Training – Is fast and easy

Code Mode – If you have the skills switch to code mode, allows you to directly edit your html code from your browser! Complete HTML and XHTML output.

WordPress Will Help You Grow
Did you know that over 342 million people view more than 2.5 billion pages each month on the WordPress Platform? This internet traffic includes blogs, websites, newsletters and many other options available through WordPress and CMS based websites. As WordPress continues to pave the way for the future the value that Content Management Systems bring to your organization continues to steadily grow.

Looking for a re-design?

More importantly, utilizing WordPress as a CMS will improve the longevity of your website by maintaining web standards. If you’re looking for a website overhaul WordPress is a great starting point for many consumer markets.

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